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Bionic Ear

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What is Bionic Ear?

A bionic ear is a device used by people who have lost their hearing sense completely or lost their hearing loss in the advanced level so that they can hear the sounds of the surroundings. This device is also known as cochlear implant. Nowadays, the hearing problem is removed by using bionic ear easily in the hearing impaired individuals who have hearing impairment or have lost their sense of hearing afterwards. According to the research, one in every thousand people in the world is hearing loss as a whole or part. This disease could not be cured before, but nowadays it can be treated like many diseases. Thanks to bionic ear app and bionic ear buds, the problems of hearing are solved. you can contact us for detailed information about bionic ear cost.

In Which Situations is the Bionic Ear Used?

Bionic ear is used in hearing impaired children with congenital hearing loss and in older age groups who have lost their sense of hearing at later ages. The fact that children arrive in the world with a problematic pregnancy and a difficult birth can cause them to lose their hearing. At the same time, children with meningitis can also cause hearing loss in children. For this reason, newborn babies and young age groups children should be constantly checked by their parents and teachers. For example, if a child remains unresponsive to the voices that surround it, it may be a sign of hearing loss in the child. Presence of such conditions is crucial so that the treatment process can be successfully overcome.

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Which Age Group Can Be Bionic Ear Application?

There are some critical moments in the development of children, and in these critical moments there are some things that are necessary for the development of the child. If those things that are necessary for the development of the child in the critical period are not met, the child will never learn that skill again as well as their peers. Here, one of the skills expected to occur in the child’s development process is speaking skills. Even if people are not aware, they learn to speak by listening to the people in front of them and imitating what they say. If a child can not hear until the age of four, he or she will not learn to talk at the same time. This is the critical time to talk. If a child’s hearing loss is not corrected by 4 years old, he or she will not be able to hear and speak. Bionic ear treatment for children with hearing loss can be applied until 4 years old at the latest. Children who have passed the age of 4 have no chance of being bionic ear treatments. Age criterion is very important in bionic ear application, so it needs to be controlled by the child’s parents and the hearing loss must be different. This control is great importance for the child’s life. Bionic ear can be applied to every age group who can hear and talk beforehand and have hearing problems later.

Bionic Ear Surgery

Bionic ear surgery is performed by general anesthesia. The operation takes about 1.5 – 2 hours. For bionic ear treatment, firstly mastoid bones and facial nerves are studied to reach middle ear. A small box opens on each of the facial nerve, mastoid bone, and inner ear zones. An electrode is inserted through the opening in the inner ear to allow the electrode to contact the inner ear nerves. When bionic ear surgery is performed, care must be taken not to damage the facial nerve. After the bionic ear surgery, it is observed that the inserted electrode is properly placed when the patient’s tomography is taken. If you choose a doctor who specializes in bionic ear surgery for this procedure, the problem of wrong placement will come to an end.

After Bionic Ear Surgery

After bionic ear treatment, the patients can not get up immediately. After surgery, they are kept under observation for about 5-6 hours and if they feel better after 2 – 3 days, they will be discharged. After a month from surgery, the bionic ear device is fitted with the parts to be left out and this person is fully recovered in a month’s time. After all these operations have been performed, the person can be healthy. However, this may be a little awkward as the device will be getting used for the first few weeks. Patients can be accustomed to the device after at least one month. If the person who has bionic ear treatment is a child, the child will be given speech training for 1 – 2 years and will have appropriate speaking ability. Adult individuals will be able to return to their normal lives in a healthy way after wearing a bionic ear because they know to talk in advance.

Bionic ear prices will vary according to the operating hospital and surgeon. Bionic ear surgery is a serious surgical procedure. For this reason, successful surgeons in the field to perform this operation will provide you with a much more pleasant result.

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